Closer about me…

My prior experience in the public policy/public finance includes a sixteen-years career with the Directorate Generale of Tax (DGT) Ministry of Finance Republic of Indonesia, concentrating on designing central and local government property assessment/taxation policy. My current position is the Deputy Director of Extensification, Directorate Extensification and Valuation at DGT MoF. My job is to expand Indonesian tax base. I’m also deals with a variety of property valuation dan property tax matters in Indonesia. Since 2012, I became Indonesian Advisory Professional for IPTIpedia (International Property Tax Institute). See my profile on

I am also actively involved in the design and process of Indonesia property tax devolution in 2009. I played an active role in designing the devolution of property tax in the West Sumatra and Jambi province in 2012. I am also actively involved in training, seminars and workshops related to the assessment of property in several universities and local governments.

I am designing the high rise building assessment system currently used by the central government and local governments. The high rise building information system assessment is called the Building Cost Table 2000. Currently the BCT 2000 is also used by local government for building assessment system.

Eddhi Wahyudi H ardjodibroto holds a PhD in Business Management from Bogor Agricultural Institute (2009), an Master of Management degree in Finance from Gadjah Mada University (1997) and a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Indonesian Islamic University (1995).comtax

I also holds Certified Comparative Tax Policy and Administration (COMTAX) from John F. Kennedy School of Government Harvard University (2013), Certified of Public Policy Analysis from International Center of Land Policy Study and Training (ICLPST) Taiwan (2009), Certified Strategic Execution for Professional (CSEP) from GML International (2014) and also Certified Organizational Project Management and Change Management in the Public Sector from SETYM International (2014).


Several research:

  1. Dynamic analysis for high rise building frames, 1995
  2. Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT): identifying factors influence to price stock in IDX, 1997,
  3. Building cost table formulation for structural high rise building, 2000
  4. Building cost table formulation for low rise building, 2001
  5. Valuation method for special building criteria, 2001
  6. Building valuation formulation using building expert system, 2001
  7. Research valuation for electrical and communication tower transmission, 2001
  8. Research valuation for structural toll road, 2001
  9. Research valuation for “Rumah susun”, 2001
  10. Designing PBB-BPHTB Payment Online System (POS) in Kabupaten Bekasi, 2004
  11. The CAPM Empirical model testing: Case study IDX, 2006
  12. The performance of stock mutual fund portfolio in Indonesia, 2006
  13. Identification of factors that influence the export decision in Indonesia, 2006
  14. The relationship between stock returns and macroeconomic factors: case study on bank in Indonesia 2003-2004, 2006
  15. Testing the causal relationship between the stock return and the exchange rate: test of Granger Causality, 2006
  16. Designing Tax Early Warning System (TEWS) and tax revenue model in Indonesia: The application of Business Cycle Analysis and Tax revenue performance evaluation in Indonesia, 2009.

Property Valuation Experience:

  1. PT. Freeport Indonesia, Timika (2000/2007),
  2. PT. Total EP Indonesie, Balikpapan (2008),
  3. PLTU Muara Tawar, PT. PLN Kab. Bekasi (2002)
  4. PLTU Singkarak, PT. PLN West Sumatera (2000),
  5. PLTU Paiton, PT. PLN Kediri (2000),
  6. Toll Road valuation project, PT. Jasa Marga (2008),
  7. Airport valuation project, PT. Angkasa Pura (2001),
  8. PT. Gudang Garam, Kediri (2002)
  9. PT. INCO, Sorowako Sulawesi (2008),
  10. PT. Badak NGL, Bontang (2008),
  11. PT. Pertamina EP, Rantau Parapat (2009),
  12. PT. Chevron Geothermal, Salak Jawa Barat (2009),
  13. PT. Newmont Nusa Tenggara (2010),
  14. PT. Nusa Halmahera Minerals (2011),
  15. PT. Gunung Bintan Abadi Bauksit (2011). etc

Scientific Publications:

  1. Design Taxes Early Warning System (TEWS): The Aplication of Business Cycle Analysis, Jurnal Ilmiah Akuntabilitas (Akreditasi B Dirjen Dikti No: 55a/Dikti/Kep/2006), Vol.7 No.2, Maret 2008,
  2. Indonesia Economic Outlook and Tax Revenue Performance Year 2009, Berita Pajak, Vol. 12, No. 162, 15 Januari 2009,
  3. The Impact of Economic Fluctuation Through Tax Revenue Performance, Jurnal Bisnis & Manajemen Eksekutif (Akreditasi B Dirjen Dikti No: 48/Dikti/Kep/2006), Vol. 6 No.1, Maret 2009,
  4. The Impact of economic shock through tax revenue in the Indonesia regional tax office area, Jurnal Ekonomi Pembangunan, (Akreditasi B Dirjen Dikti No: 55a/Dikti/Kep/2006), Vol 10. No.2, Desember 2009,
  5. Book: Pajak-Pajak Properti Untuk Professional, Mitra Wacana Media, 2010,

Professional Seminar and event:

  1. Speaker on 13th International Conference of International Property Tax Institute, April 27-28 2010, Adelaide Australia. Subject: Indonesian Property Valuation System and Its Reform in Decentralization,
  2. Speaker on 2nd National Post Graduate Conference on Business and Management, “Research Contribution in Dynamic Business Environment”, April 23-24 2010, Unpad University Bandung Indonesia. Design of Tax Early Warning System in Indonesia,
  3. Coach: Indonesian Robotic Olympiad (2011,2012), World Robotic Olympiad (2012, Abu Dhabi)

Other Special Project:

  1. Designing Indonesia Building Cost Table for Tax Purposes (2000),
  2. Designing exit strategy for decentralization of Indonesian Land Building tax (LBT) and Duty of transfer property tax (2010),
  3. Designing application valuation system for LBT become local tax (2010-2011),
  4. Designing implementation of LBT at 4 major State in Sumatera Barat and Jambi (2012): Kota Padang, Kab. Tanah Datar, Kab. Muaro Jambi and Kab. Merangin.

I have several hobbies include sports table tennis & badminton. Reading books such as management, micro macro economics, taxation, Islamic religion, mathematics, statistics, research writing and automotive. I love doing Travelling to new places. I love persian cats and currently have a cat breeder, owner Lykasal Cattery (CFA 

Besides that, I’m looking to pursue robotics using LEGO Mindstorm Robotic prepare elementary school children following the Indonesian Robotic Olympiad (IRO) and World Robotic Olympiad (WRO). 


Linkedin Profile:

Interests: Property valuation, feasibility study & asset management, tax planning, stock-option-forex-commodity futures trading & other financial derivative instrument, financial risk management, economic modelling & forecasting, mathematic modelling & statistics, information technology, civil engineering & structural planning.

Favorite Quotations: Being myself, always working hard, smart and truthful to balance internal and eternal life continuity. My motto is “Working is praying”.Live Vision: Being a moslem kaffah…. to create anything to be more effectual and efficient for human life importance.